Haley Barlowe's Disappearance

Life has not always been easy for Jack. His parents died when he was 4 years old, growing up he was known as an outcast and didn’t have many friends, predictably, he hung around the wrong crowd.
Like I said he was the outcast, the outsider and as he got older he was known for getting some jobs done, the illegal ones. Now he’s 25 years old and his daily routine has stayed the same since day one. Wakes up, goes to work, and goes to sleep ready to repeat it the next day. However in the course of time, things changed, on the 13th of December 2046, Jack got a letter in the mail. All the envelope said was read this alone. He thought it was a sick joke, so he set’s the letter aside. Jack continued his day as normal went to work came back home and right as he was falling asleep he was very curious to see what information the letter obtained. In the middle of the night, jack got up to go check if all the doors were locked. When he came back he sat there looking at the letter on the edge of his nightstand trying to find the courage to get up and read it.
Jack carefully opened it making sure nothing would come flying out of it. Nothing did.
To him, it seemed like an ordinary letter. Once he took a look at the job he was totally against it but when he flipped the page he completely changed his mind. In this particular job, the task was to kidnap somebody, but not anybody the president’s daughter, Hayley Barlowe. But on this occasion, it was a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity worth 83 million dollars MILLION! Of course, he took his chance to become a millionaire.
Right away he got to work, quit his day job to be as focused as he could possibly be. The first 3 weeks were spent looking at her every move to see when she is most prominent to capture. The day came to get the job done. He was gonna do it on Wednesday afternoon once she finished her uni classes. Now was the time Jack grabbed her from behind and told her not to say a word. She was scared to her death sitting in the back of the van trying to get her hands untied and break her way out of there. They finally arrived at the destination, this place was located deep within the forest in a cute little house. He saw nobody.
Thinking the person who wanted her was in the house. He took Hayley brought her up to the door and he gets nothing. Suddenly Hayley takes off the blindfold becomes calm. WAY TOO CALM. She enters the pin in the lock at the front of the house and says
”Don’t ask questions and don’t reach out to anyone, but it is time for me to disappear and you are going to help me”...


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