I woke suddenly with a jolt. A great stench crept all over the house. And as each second passed it got stronger and stronger. I scrambled off my bed to grab the baseball bat that I hid behind my door. Who knows what the stench was, I was hoping it was just a rat, but still, I wanted some protection. I walked cautiously trying to find where the stench was strongest, thinking that would be where the stench was coming from. I stepped into the living room when I heard someone breathing. My first reaction was to turn around to see who, or what, was there. I saw a shadow, and then, I saw nothing.

It feels as if I have been falling for hours, weeks, months even. Waking up from being unconscious with a throbbing headache, then seeing I was in a hole, that may never end for all I know, full of blue and black swirls was not a fun surprise. I dont think it’s a hologram, although it could be. The swirls keep coming, I could easily not be moving right now, just floating, but I really don't know.

My arms feel paralysed and are stuck to my side. My legs won't move either. Now is the time I wished I slept with a watch on as my little sister did. Time doesn’t feel right here. To be fair, nothing feels right here. My head was running with thoughts and questions but I forced myself to clear my mind.

I felt someone's presence, although I couldn’t hear or see anyone. I’m just imagining it, I thought, nobody is here, I told myself. but a few seconds later I heard a voice. “Hello” they said. I was taken by surprise, I knew that voice, but where from? And then he stepped out of the shadows. My brother. who died 2 years ago. “Long time no see” he said with a smirk on his face. I had always longed for the news of his death to be a rumour, I always hoped I'd see him again, that he’d come back. I just hadn’t imagined this being how it happened.


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