What About Angels

Angels have wings, but not all angels can fly
Devils where once angels, ones who have fallen from Heaven and into Hell
Angels can fall, angels will fall, just like I fell for him
I was his angel and he was my devil, I left Heaven when I met him
When I became his I fell from Heaven, from grace. Landing in the fire filled depths of Hell, falling right into his heart
He was Satan, the king of Bell and the ruler for the rest of eternity
I was Seraphim, the queen of Heaven and one of Gods most trusted angels
He was the king of my heart, body and soul. J was the queen of his heart, body and soul
He is a fallen angel and so am I
Even fallen angels have hearts, hearts that they are willing to open to an angel
An angel who can change them and bring them back to heaven
I was once Seraphim, but now i’m Lilith. I wedded Satan and became the queen of the inferno itself, Hell
Heaven and Hell. The faithful and the sinners, two different worlds
Yet two lovers from each, one an angel who was willing to burn for him

What is it about angels that make them so pure?
When even the most faithful can fall and become corrupted


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