Forever Forthcoming

While the sky lays bright and unforgiving,
The desert sand below spreads around me to infinity.
The water always shimmers just beyond the horizon,
Lying in its wait, lying in its wait.

The last few drops of my breath, I screech at the base of God’s home.
She taunts me with her promises, pleads for me to hope a little longer.
I watch her smile as I trudge on,
Waiting in her lies, waiting in her lies.

I know if I go on further a little while,
I’ll be able to see her smile again on the other side.
Rage turns into dread into love,
And I find myself crying for her with every drop of my blood.

As the light around me slowly dies,
I fall to the embrace of her earth.
With my knees to the ground as I wait for the night,
I see her eyes in the sky, I see her eyes in the sky.

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