Falling Horizon

RUN RUN we scream furiously as we sprint faster and faster away from the tumbling building. We need to get to the horizon base or we will die like the others! The horizon base is the only safe place for humanity to survive. As we run under the bridge that crosses Great Bear Lake we realise that it's going to fall because it is as big as the moon. So me, John, Jim, Bob and Jimmy decide to jump in the frozen cold lake as cold as Antarctica. We swim as close to the horizon base as we can and the big bridge starts to collapse.

We try to swim faster than a fish. Bang a wave from the bridge sends us flying across the the ice cold lake we reach the doors of the horizon and try to get in but something is stopping us from opening the door we here a voice saying you can't come in it will flood with the water outside then the strange voice tells us that our friend is gone the voice fades away mysteriously in the darkness the we realise Jim is gone. seeing as tho Jim is fat and bigger than an elephant we look around not in fear we all know he will float like a floaty so we're fine.

We see Jim in the distance laughing as we get closer because he is just sitting there then a few hours later we are sitting at the door of the horizon as we watch buildings fall in front of us
Then we hear the strange voices again and we are shocked but eventually they let us in. We are all shivering like we saw a ghost. Jimmy is the CEO of the horizon government ORG we all have a meeting with owner and we come to the conclusion that the oxygen has a co2 gas from space in it and that co2 gas make objects weak but way more heavy

We hear screaming then we find out that everyone outside of the owners office is dead we see crows eating there body’s the crows disappeared the lights turn off BANG.we sit in fear as we wait for something to happen one week later Jim dies of dehydration and starvation we eat his flesh and blood in disgust we know we will get sick we also all know death is know our horizon as we wait for our death we say prayers and wish for good luck it’s silent slowly our souls fade away.


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