Falling Into The Gates Of Hell

Falling into the Gates of Hell

You feel yourself going through the ground. It’s turning red. You’re going to hell. You feel the heat. You’re burning. You see the gates. You go though. You see everyone you loved are now in hell burning to ashes. You’re thinking, ‘is this what’s its like go to hell?’ all the pain you have gone though and this is even more miserable.
The lava is flowing though ground. Volcanos are erupting. You look in horror at people getting crushed, burned, melted. Skeletons coming up from the lava are destroying hell. The sky is dark red with people’s souls in the sky. In the distance spikes can be seen, tall and sharp looking like mountains.
The only way you can escape is to go to up the stairs to lucifer sitting on his throne. But first you have to fight all of his demons. They are hard to look at, let alone kill, with they fly around with their ugly little wings, have little horns sticking out of their heads and have horrifying, yellow eyes that stare into your soul, waiting to take it from you.
First you have to get their attention and get them to follow you so they can get hit by a lava balls that come from the volcanos. You did it. Now all you need to do is somehow beat the hellhound - the three headed dog whose bite force is one hundred times stronger than a German Shephard. You do not want to get bitten by that. With its red, lava looking eyes and mouth and fire on it’s back, you have to somehow beat it too.
There is a metal chain around their neck. It’s been cursed so they can’t break it. They see you. They go after you to bite you. You dodge their vicious fangs, grab the chain and put it in their mouths. It gets tighter around their necks so they get stuck. You can now walk calmly past.
You go up to Lucifer. You annoy him, talking about all the nice things you have done to his demons and his dogs. You make him go crazy. He is out of his mind.
He sends you to heaven so he doesn’t have to deal with you anymore. You look down at hell as you’re going up to heaven, happy to leave it behind.
Peace, calm, quiet and anything you could imagine is ahead of you. Water fountains, any type of food you could think of. You have died. But at least you’re in heaven and not burning in hell.


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