Nala The Warrior

Long ago when pirates ruled the ocean, a baby was to be born. This was no ordinary baby. This was the captain’s baby. The captain dreamed of the adventures he would have with his son. However, all this dreaming stopped when the baby was born. It was not a boy, but a girl named Nala.
As Nala grew, she rarely saw her father and was treated like a slave. Her father didn’t know what a beautiful, kind-hearted girl he had.
When Nala was a teenager, she decided to escape. As night fell across the ship, Nala stood on deck. The cool air blowing across her face and through her hair. She smiled. Nala jumped in the rowboat and lowered herself into the sparkling, clear, moonlit waters below.
Nala had been paddling for an hour and could only just see land on the horizon. This gave her hope, so she began to paddle faster. Soon land came into closer view. On one side was thick forest, the other houses upon houses. Nala made a choice and started paddling towards the forest.
As Nala reached the edge, she looked around keenly. This is where she would spend the rest of her life. Nala gathered log after log and tied them together with sturdy vines. Soon she had a small hut to stay in, a bed of grass and feathers and a table and chair made of wood. Tomorrow she would expand.
Nala awoke to the sound of animals. These animals soon became her mentors, teaching her to fight. They taught her to be agile, fierce, sly and strong in battle. She would soon be unstoppable!!!
5 years later…
Nala received news from the village that a pirate ship had docked that morning and had begun attacking people. She sprinted down the path towards the village. Her father’s ship! Nala’s eyes set upon chaos - fire, explosions and pirates. Her father was barking orders from deck. She covered her face and was soon facing him. “Who are you?” he bellowed.
“I'm the village's warrior and I challenge you!!”
The pirate snarled. The fight began.
He threw swords through the air, but Nala dodged and swerved them easily. She punched and kicked. Nala was strong, agile, sly and fierce!! Nala was unstoppable!!
Soon enough the pirate was on the ground, declaring his loss. “Who ARE you?”
Nala ripped off her mask. The pirate gasped. “Nala?” he asked in disbelief. Nala nodded, not saying a word. He burst into tears. He explained how he had travelled the vast oceans in search of her and how he was letting his anger out on the village. “Do you want to captain our ship? We could turn good with your help.” He begged.
Nala shook her head. “You can do that yourself father.” She wanted to stay with her friends but told her father he could visit anytime.
Nala eventually captained her own ship, helping pirates to be good. She returned home occasionally to see her animal friends and of course, her father.

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