Our Forever

The sun sets, a glowing orb of golden beauty, the only perfect thing
The last drops bounce off the sapphire sea, an object that feels alive.
Footsteps fade under the grasp of the waves, a trickle of hope becomes an ocean.
Our forever is beautiful.

They dance across the sand, soft in some places but coarse in others
But they don’t notice. They are alone, surrounded by everything that matters.
The eyes see each other, but what the heart sees is impossible to put into words.
Our forever is joy.

Time passes, maybe moments, maybe years
Their love is cracked, smashed, shattered against the rocks.
Their peace is a facade, underneath is raw.
Our forever is flawed.

Life is fleeting, but love is eternal
They ride the waves as one.
Together they shape their tomorrow and their yesterday, but only see today.
Our forever is a long time, but every second is ours.


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