City In The Sky

Excellence Award in the 'National Treasures 2022' competition

Lights they dance and flicker, across the ebony plains,
A mirror sea of earth damned stars, that whisper of a city in the sky.
They swirl and sing to their silent songs, like bedazzled, ball strung dames,
Although clouds gather, thick and strong, with a rippled promise of rain.
A bird calls high, above the glow, its feathers a sliver of moon,
It glides north, on the breath of the wind, far from the ball dance below,
Deep into the darkness that settles, a tapestry of shadows.
The clouds that smothered the city of earth, have long been banished from here,
And the city of sky glows high above, infinite dusting of stars so near.
The nestling music of creature of trees fill the air with sound,
Leafy aromas and sharp colours dance unfound.
On new moon's night, we gaze on the ghostly divine.
A whisper of past and future,
My City in the Sky.

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