Three Of The Seven

Excellence Award in the 'National Treasures 2022' competition

A barbaric simper, one that sprawled from the creases of his cunning, blackened lips
Reached the tip of his scarlet hide
And ceased precisely between his disdainful, nefarious eyes
He had three arms
The first in which extended to a hefty length
Its blackened nails avariciously clasping onto any objectified material he had a firm desire to obtain
But even that was never adequate enough
The second was rather plain
Excluding the pastoral eye which was broadened beyond the rigid weave of his skin
And when the possessions of the righteous seized its glare, its true motive proceeds to shed its lustre
Profoundly scowling at the article until it disappears
Until then does it find its peace
The third, the cardinal sister of the three had a crucial lack of authority
Beware, for when it is enraged, there is no pledge for a safe return
His other four hands
Which were dear to him most had long been cleaved off

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