Who Went Into The Bar And Ordered Snake Venom?

Click! Click! Bang!! Crash!! The doors of the saloon fell off their hinges. A gigantic shadow entered the saloon, the gambling and fights stopped abruptly. “A shot a snake venom! NOW!!!” the man yelled at the bartender in such a gruff voice you could mistake it for a car engine. “S-s-s-sir we d-d-d-don’t do that.” he stammered. “I don’t give a crap!! Just get some or I’ll kill you!” He yelled. The bartender retrieved to a lonely corner clearly scared. Then he started on the crowd. “What are you all looking at?” he raged, this was a man with a serious temper. The bartender came back with a bit of snake venom. “H-h-here you g-g-go.” he said. Everyone watched the mysterious man snatch the cup from the bartender and finish it in seconds. The bartender looked relieved, though his face turned to a horror as the man spat it out. “ARE YOU TRYING TO POISON ME, THIS ISN’T THE VENOM OF A MOJAVE GREEN!!!!!!!!!!!!!” He roared. “B-b-b-but s-s-sir-” I DONT WANT EXCUSES, YOU LITTLE [he swore loudly] THAT’S IT!!” he took out a revolver from his belt loaded it fired- BANG BANG! The bartender fell helplessly onto the floor. “See this is what happens if you mess with the Miguel Murder!” he said, with that he spat on the bartender and left the saloon with his thin black hair whipping into his night black eyes in the late midnight breeze.


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