Excellence Award in the 'Unleashed 2022' competition

Roaring thunder and howling wind pierced my ears as I walked through the wrecked, abandoned city. No one was to be seen. With legs trembling and hands clenching together burnt, scattered bones crunched beneath my feet. Miniature rivers rolled down my face and I fell to the ground as I remembered how this all happened.
The fire! The fire that swallowed whoever was in its path. Poor, innocent, helpless families died because of the grey colossal beast. No one could escape it…except me. How?
My heart was beating like a steam engine and my head was spinning round and round like a rollercoaster but I knew it was time to explore what had occurred. Everything felt unfamiliar but I was positive that I was standing in front of my dead, demolished house. I tried to hold back my tears as I looked over to see my family’s belongings trashed, useless now.
Slowly turning around I walked away from the place that I no longer called my home and followed the rocks on the ground like a trail, still oblivious to where I was going. Up and down teeny-tiny alleyways. Then something caught my attention! As I was wandering through the last road, a shimmer of light tickled my eyes in the most delightful way. The last of the smouldering branches pushed me towards the sparkle of joy.
There, in front of me was a jewel encrusted, solid gold cup. A sudden memory flooded into my mind. This treasured item belonged to my little sister, Tina. Tears rolled down my exhausted face onto the beautiful chalice and I kissed it knowing it would be the only possession I would have left of hers.
Suddenly the cup began to suspiciously morph into a body - my sister. “Tina!” I screamed uncontrollably as she hugged me tight. The excitement and happiness disappeared as the scent of blood, burning flesh and smoke penetrated my nostrils.


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