Vincent's Poetry

Excellence Award in the 'Unleashed 2022' competition

Life and death are different, so are you the same?
If we weren’t - what would be our game?
You’ll always be different wherever you are,
And that is true whether near or far,
So why go searching, for you’ll run out of time,
You’ll never beat the wind pass through the last crime.
Death will come, life is here now,
Later on, everyone will always take their vow,
So why go change it, when it’s been going on for years now?
It won’t change – it’s everlasting - so do not start to rage,
Go along, respect it, no one will ever outlive - even the strong.
Love is everlasting except when there is a crime.
Even though not always in its prime,
A rose without thorns, is like a thousand dawns,
Thorns rip through, while roses love, flying like doves,
For it will always be the one high up above.


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