E Titans

Ahh give the gemstone | said. Blaze pulled out her Japanese fire sword which could break iron. Blaze
pushed her sword into my legendary shield. | swung my shield away it is in danger of breaking a
beautiful weapon. After that | jumped onto my horse rode my horse to the main exit. Where Kie was
trying to fight the dragon
Kie quickly grabbed a potion so he couldn’t miss the dragon. Kie pulled out his sword and gave the
dragon one big stab. Then he put his right foot on the dragon’s head and screamed
wooowhhhhoooo. Kie jumped on his horse and then said did you get the gemstone? Nik said Tada, |
got it. | used a potion to attach any magical stone to me and there is still more to come.
| feel like we are going in circles. Kie said sssssssssshhhhhhh. Did you hear that? The bushes shake.
Nik asked was it a panther. I’m not sure aaaaarrrrrrreeeeee run, run it’s a panther. While they were
running, they spotted a map. Arr turn left said Kie. Phew | think we lost the panther. Kie look it’s the
chamber of secrets. That gemstone piece goes there in the middle of the other gemstone pieces.
Finally, we have rebuilt the gemstone said Nik.
Then they head back home for the summer break.



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