Makakilo community park

Waves of green
put smiles on many,
looking out, endless fields
far as the eye can see.
Trees litter the area,
giving shade to some
a jungle gym to others.
In the corner, something
catches the eye,
glare from rusted backboards
as they
giving joy and elation
as young children wear them down
to the brittle bone.
Soaring in the sky,
kites, colors of many
rocketships, birds, even dinosaurs
hover in the sky.
Old mountains of joy,
faded color from generations of use
as their hinges hold them together,
waiting till the next child comes.

Safe as can be,
families meet in local tongue,
weaving a friendship
that will last to the end of time.
Conversations of daily news among all,
sports among men,
tupperware among ladies
children taking steps for first time,
relationships start,
lasting for eternity.
All beginning here....