Netball squad, here i come!

In the city of Melbourne, their lived a girl named Zoe. Zoe loved playing netball and would love to be in her local squad team one day.

Zoe tried out every year, and had never made it and never knew why. This year was different. Zoe had hired a professional coach from The Melbourne Phoenix.

Zoe played goal attack and had been practicing since she was seven, and thought it would be a great opportunity just before her 10th birthday.

Tryouts for squad were last Friday at 4.00pm. Zoe was filled with excitement and anxiousness. She could hear the mailman’s motorbike skid as it stopped in front of her house. She raced outside “Special delivery for Zoe Chimons” the mailman shouted. “That’s me” she said as she grabbed the letter from his hand. “Thank you” she said to him, “No problem” he replied.

Zoe raced back inside and grabbed her father’s letter-opener out of his hand. “Sorry dad, but it is a letter from the squad coach, Donna.” She shouted

She opened the letter; Zoe had been accepted into the Springvale Netball squad team. Zoe called the professional sports coaching headquarters, (P.S.C.H) “Hi, I would like to speak too Eloise Southby-Halmish, she had been coaching me for netball.” Zoe was so excited to tell Eloise that she nearly hung up by accident!

“Hello, Zoe?” Eloise mumbled. “Hi Eloise I would like to tell you that I have made it into the squad team, and I would also like to say Thank you, thank you, THANKYOU, for coaching me.” Zoe said with excitement.

When Zoe had finished on the phone to Eloise, she told her mum and dad and they were delighted to hear the good news! Zoe didn’t realize it was nearly time for practice. “Zoe, hurry up or you will be late for practice, and your new coach will not be pleased.” Her mother Belle shouted.

Six weeks after hard training and well-played matches, the Springvale Dolphins were in the grand final!

Zoe received a shiny trophy which had printed on it: Zoe Chimons, 2012 Squad Grand Final Premiers, Springvale Dolphins.

Two weeks after the grand final it was presentation night. Zoe received ‘Best and Fairest’ and her best friend Megan received ‘Runner up, Best and Fairest.
It was one of the best years of her life.