Kicked Back And Forgotten

As i sit here not knowing what’s next
Kicked out of my house with holes in my vest
I thought we were family, didn’t last long
I was stuck in traffic and was late home

No one understands the work i put in
I try my hardest with life yet it gets thrown in the bin
i make one mistake that includes being late
And a punishment like this is what i now have to take

I guess i’m used to it now with all the troubles that have passed
it’s hard for me i don’t know how i’m gonna last
this is the present, this is the future, it’s just me, my notebook and this dumb old computer

they won’t take me back it’s not as easy as that
they say it’s better without me and that they would rather choose the cat
i don’t understand my worth i can’t figure it out
i guess it’s time to move on with all this given doubt

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