Queer Love/when Yearning Is Mercy

you can call me by any other name, if only so I am called your love
why must society defy me, as if this devotion is not bright and unstained
tell me, if I were lily-white and delicate would you love me delicately
would you love me with the proud passion of Romeo if were not as I am called
would you print me on your eyelids, a soft image for sore eyes
to remember on quiet lonely nights.

anticipation sinks its teeth into my veins at the sight of you
divine and golden, laurel wreathed with marble skin
mouth blood red under romantic light, hands reaching, reaching, reaching
but damned if you were to reach for me. imprisoned and flayed and drained
of that wonderful spirit in your chest, if you were to want for me,
so this ache is merciful, this crippled heart a gift.

oh, if you were any other name I could love you with ease
but alas, I am abandoned and the sky is the same sapphire blue as your eyes
therefore, I cannot escape you. and irony is cruel,
she persists where I perish, so that you may escape me.



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