Space Mission

In the galaxy of Dogeway, a group of astronauts named Jacob, Doge, Sid, Jayden P, duckmaster1010, Jayden N, Aayan and Taj. They were exploring the galaxy and learning new things but something was weird.

They saw MeanMeme and everyone panicked in the spaceship the was terror everywhere and MeanMeme’s Minion chased their rocket. The pilots Jayden P and Jayden N fired the space lasers and destroyed some of the minion's rockets.
They thought that the listening potion was still on the minions but it was gone. They wonder how MeanMeme escaped the jail but the answer is more brutal than they thought.

They arrived at the planet DogeA1A1 the most giant planet of the Dogeway the MeanMeme said they trapped all the citizens on the planet DogeZ9Z9 the farthest planet in the Dogeway and Sid asked“How did you escape!?”.She replied“Hacking”.
The journey from DogeA1A1 to DogeZ9Z9 is the most arduous journey to go to Dogeway and it is even more challenging because of MeanMeme.

Duck was in the science lab making a cure for the virus they are soon going to cross and it's called !451u64567?k.

Jayden P used the hacking computer to hack the system and launch the bot 1012 but then MeanMeme put error 404 in Jayden P computer but luckily fixed it.

Sid launched the backup Memenater. Doge wore a space suit, attacked the enemy rocket and came back to his rocket.

Jacob turned on the Pyro1012 and deleted the attackers. Then they reached the virus but luckily Duck finished the virus cure.
They are at DogeRobloxC3C3 to pick up Sonic, Tonyzambony, Drip_Gaming and Nobody but then the virus caught up and grew they tried the cure but it didn’t work.

The virus was too fast to run so they took the ship and flew around the universe but things got worse.

Luckily they arrived at DogeZ9Z9 and then MeanMeme attacked and the battle began.

The battle grew and Doge blasted the super cannon. Jayden P and Duck made a cure barrier so the virus didn’t attack.

Jayden N flew the ship and blasted some of the minions. Sid and Aayan added destroy turrets.

They told Taj to teleport the escape ships.
Doge saved the citizens and the citizens went on the ships to go to Dogeland.

MeanMeme spawned hacking laser trackers and flew in the air. They wonder Hihow she flew without a jetpack or
Thanything and she shook the spaceship.

There was something wrong with her and her magic. She destroyed the planet and with her magic, they needed to call for help.

They called Yeetmeme1234 and Yeetmeme1234 came and asked who needed beating up. Doge said back that MeanMeme needs beating up.

Yeetmeme1234 tried and tried that MeanMeme got defeated and they won for now and put her to jail.

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