On The Other Side

On the other side
By Kanisha Shah

Alyssa awoke to the sound of rain pouring down on her tent. She was shivering, tightly clutching her stuffed toy. She wanted to use the toilet but the journey was far too long and winding, and wet. The thought of her family and Jasper panting frantically on her lap, kept her up. She ripped the half-soaked blanket off her shivering legs and headed for the bathrooms. Drenched, Alyssa couldn't really see because of the dark so she just headed north. However, she still couldn't find the bathroom. She walked a bit further and stumbled into a rusty wooden shack, she was lost. “Hello, anyone here,” she asked with a cold breath, but there was silence as she thought was alone.

Instantaneously, someone grabbed her arm tightly. She kicked back with all her might and tried to squirm her way out. Alyssa didn’t remember much after that but when she woke up she found herself in a room, much resembling a prison with three metal walls and a glass one. She saw weird creatures in all sorts of shapes and sizes, locked away behind these bars. She shuffled back when she saw four funny looking creatures approach her.“Umm hello”, she nervously muttered. They just stared at her and then at each other and began blabbering on again. It seemed as if her presence was the least of concerns, well that’s what she thought. After a few minutes a female figure (not a human) left the cell and then came back with an enormous box carrying 2 headphones attached on each side.

The woman gestured to her to put on the headphones. She obeyed. “What is your name?” she asked. The girl, who was now shriveled up in a tight coil, could somehow understand her. “Alyssa,” she replied, adjusting her headphones,“Where am I?” she asked them urgently. “In the same place and country, just at a different time, in the future.” She was shocked. “Wait, so how did I get here?”she curiously asked, still puzzled from the words that had escaped the woman’s mouth.“Well we only just found out there was a time machine between our worlds, in the shack,” she replied.“Listen kid, we’ve made our decision”. She told her that nobody in their world had ever seen a thing like her, human. “We’ll make pretty good money out of you, eh!” the lady exclaimed. Alyssa’s heart leapt out of her body. MONEY? What was she talking about? She was so scared. Within a second Alyssa found herself getting handcuffed and dumped into a car. A few hours later she was in a large tent. “Here’s your schedule for the circus,you're up in about 2 minutes,” said someone from the future and shoved it into Alyssa’s stomach. Alyssa shook nervously. She then saw them point to her. That was her cue to go up on stage. Alyssa was frozen in fear. This is not where she belonged.


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