The Incredible Bunny

It was a beautiful day, but I was bored out of my brain. I went outside and it was boiling hot so I sat on the grass for a rest and there was a noise nearby. I looked behind me and there was a bunny. I was so shocked I ran inside and said to mum, “Can I take a picture with it?” Mum said, “Yes.” So I ran outside and at the same time there was a BANG. The earth rattled and I fell to the ground. The cute bunny was gone! I thought it went behind a tree and must have been what made the loud sound. So I went and had a look …
I went behind the tree and there was a portal. So I went right up to it and nervously stepped through. Inside was a magical land and there were a lot of bunnies running around. But there was a problem, you are only allowed to visit each day for an hour. So I had to hurry or I would be stuck there forever! I wanted a photo with all of them. There was sweat dripping down my face because I didn't want to get stuck there and I didn't want my family to think I ran away. So I quickly went to the one I liked the most, but it ran away without me taking my photo.
There was a lot of noise and the Boss Bunny started chasing me all around the place. It kept crashing into everything, that rabbit did not look cute at all. I was scared and I was running out of time. I only had 10 more minutes. I ran away from the bunny as fast as I could and quickly took a photo. The big bunny was catching up to me so I ran faster, but I had the cute bunny from the photo still in my hand. So when I tried to go through the portal I couldn't. I was so scared and the Boss Bunny was right there and about to stomp on me.
I was scared and there was even more sweat dripping down my face now. I was about to have the worst day ever. I kept trying to go through the portal but it didn't work so I was doomed. I was screaming so loud that my parents heard me. Thank goodness they found me and reached inside the portal, grabbed my arm and pulled me out. Thankfully I got through safely!
I blocked all of the ways to go through the portal so I will never go in there again. It was hectic. But luckily I have a bunny for a pet now because I had it in my other hand while my parents were pulling me out. Now I will never be bored again!
The end.


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