Ordinary Life

Lia was an ordinary girl, who lived in an ordinary house and went to an ordinary school. Nothing was out of the ordinary in her life until one morning…
Sunrise was very magnificent on that day. The lights of the sun had green, blue, and purple colours. When Lia opened her eyes, she knew that something is about to happen! Lia got dressed, did her hair, and went downstairs. Her mother was in the kitchen cooking breakfast. Lia looked at her mum and was surprised to realise that she knew what her mum was thinking. “It’s going to be another bad day in the office,” sadly thought her mum and pretended to smile. “Oh wow! I am a mind reader!” gasped astonished Lia.
After school, she plummeted onto her bed with a big sigh. She was very exhausted! Her unexpected gift had been working extremely hard all day. Lia had been reading everyone’s minds each second: girls’ recent crushes and likes (“Yuk,” thought Lia), boys’ outdoor games (“Huh, that’s easy to read”), and millions of teachers’ mental notes (“Yes, right,” confirmed Lia).
She was tired but her brain was still trying to figure out what could cause this weird ability. And then she understood! Lia was a young witch and loved witchcraft. Just the day before, she made a new potion and accidentally spilled a little bit of it on the dining table. “Perhaps it went into the food and made me a mind reader,” smiled Lia.
The next morning Lia woke up and realised that she could speak a foreign language. She had no idea what language it was (“Sounds like Chinese,” though Lia) but an hour later she could speak another language, and then more, and more! By the end of the day, Lia could speak all languages in the world.
During the week Lia gained seven different powers, and by the end of the year, she had a total of 365 abilities. She has been using them all for good courses, but unfortunately, having so many powers were making her very tired. She decided to give half of her powers to her best friend from school Georgia. Georgia was overly excited!
A couple of days after receiving her extraordinary gifts, Georgia noticed something strange in her backyard. A small creature was sitting in the middle of the rock-bordered circle that looked like a wormhole. “It is not safe in here! You must go somewhere else!’’ the creature shouted and disappeared under the ground. Georgia was very confused but decided to tell everyone that they must evacuate. Not many people listened and two days later a tornado hit the town. By that time Lia and Georgia’s powers had been running at their full capacities to save everyone and everything. Both girls were getting drained day by day. “How nice it is to be just an ordinary girl and to live in an ordinary house again!” thought Lia.
And the next day the sunrise was yellow, orange, and red.


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