The Sky Is Blue

The Sky is Blue

The sky is blue, that’s the one thing we know,
The one thing that stays when everything goes.
The sky is blue, the ocean is grey,
From the plastic we dump in it every day.
The sky is blue, our animals are dying,
We’re killing whole species without even trying.
The sky is blue, our trees are gone,
We’re chopping them down to make room for more lawn.
The sky is blue, we’re killing the Earth,
With all the new plastics and rubbish we birth.
The sky is blue, we’re running out of hope,
We cannot survive on a broken globe.
The sky is grey, we’ve filled it with smoke,
The damage is done, it can’t be revoked.
The sky is grey, we’ve lost our last chance,
Yes, plastic’s made our life easier, but at what expense?

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