The world around me was different, yet still the same. It was like I hadn’t even run away from home. Everything looked the same, but it just felt different. I kept walking through the small, cold town and looked around. The houses felt different too, they didn’t have the same ‘welcoming’ feeling that they normally have. Instead, they felt the opposite. No one seemed to be around either, so I continued walking. I stopped when I made it to where the abandoned church used to be, except, it was there. I was confused, the church was there, standing strong. I tiptoed inside and looked around. The wooden floors had faded green mould growing all over them. The high concrete walls had loose ivy hanging over the edges. I couldn’t believe my eyes. “Is there anything I can help you with, love?” A confused voice asked behind me. I spun around. The man in front of me looked familiar as well, but I couldn’t make out who it was. “No,” I said, pausing. “I’m alright,”
He didn’t pay attention to me and was focused on something behind me. “I’m good,” A small voice said, and she ran past me, her hair flowing behind her. Why hadn’t he seen me?

I headed out of the church and walked towards my house that was located in this town. I couldn’t go back to my real town. I couldn’t face the forest again. The door to my house clicked open and I stepped inside slowly. There was faded laughter in my bedroom so I headed towards my door. There were two people sitting on the floor, one a teenager, one a small kid and they were playing with my phone and my ipad. I wasn’t annoyed though, because one of them was me and the other was my younger sister. They didn’t look normal though, they looked… faded. Then, I realised the man at the church was faded as well. The kids weren’t phased by me; it was like I wasn’t even there. I stepped into the room. “Hello?” I said, looking directly at the two kids. They stopped playing on their electronics and looked around the room, confused. They both seemed to be terrified and ran out of the room. I followed them until we reached the kitchen. Mum and Dad were sitting at the table talking, as usual. I missed them, I wanted to go back, but I couldn’t. The forest was too deep and wild, anything could happen. I walked out of the front door and headed towards the abandoned church.

I sat down on the church floor, tears streaming from my eyes. I wanted to go home. “Tahli!” Someone yelled running towards me. She wrapped her arms around me. Someone noticed me. How was it possible? “The dimensional town is crazy,” She said. “You never know if you’re in the real world or not,”
I looked up at her. It was Mum, and I was home.


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