My First Obstacle

“Tock” I hit the ball as hard as I can in the nets. It was an amazing Sunday sunset at 4pm. I didn’t even have lunch and have been working since 10 am. I finish off training with my brother while my mum calls “Jess, hurry up!”.
I rush down the steps to the inside of the house and take off my gear. I smell a chicken burger waiting for me. Tomorrow is the day for u12 Vic state tryouts. This was the moment for me to accelerate in my cricket career. After finishing my delicious burger with my family and lay in my bed thinking of the obstacles that lay ahead of me. My first obstacle was district cricket but state cricket is 10 times harder.

“Ring, ring,” I slam my alarm shut as I take out my phone to read the date. It reads out 6am Saturday 13 July 2023, the day of the tryouts. I leap out of bed with mixed emotions. We arrive at 9am with my friend Katie already m stretching. Meg Lanning who is the Australia’s women captain. After giving us a speech, next thing that I know I am told to bat. My mind races, my eyes shimmer, my heart leaps into my mouth and sweat start pouring in from my places it never had came from. I control myself as best as possible not getting out playing some good shots. I know deep down I could have played better but my ok batting was better than most of the players. There still feels like there is a hole in my stomach waiting for it to be filled.

Next try out, which is the last one before announcing the team. I have been told to bowl against the batters even though I am a batter. Knowing that I am a horrible bowler, I take my time in my run up and bowl. Out of nowhere the bowl does something on the pitch clean bowling the batter. I bowl again, again and again every time something better happened each time. A wicket, a very good bowl, a bowl swing in then out confusing the batters and impressing the selectors. By the end of the training I was bewildered to know I had a secret talent. I never focused on my bowling as I considered myself a batter. Now I know I have to practice more on my bowling as I bowled better than the main bowlers themselves. Brimming with confidence knowing that I may get in, I rush to my dad and tell him all what happened.

The day finally came, I opened the email with my family’s faces sticking into my shoulders and wanting to see. However when I open the email it says I have not gotten selected into the Victorian side. However, I scroll down it says I have been selected for the Australian woman’s junior team. I celebrate in joy as I have taken the next step in the pathway.


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