Gentle laughs echoed through the air as the pair walked, hands entwined.
Jo caught sight of a small wooden bench standing underneath a small shelter. Tugging the brunette’s hand, she pointed towards the bench wishing to finally get out of the pouring rain.
Giggling the pair raced towards the bench, hair sticking to their clothes as they sat down. Jo’s head rested on Katherine’s shoulder as they sat.
Neither moved a muscle, both just happy to be near each other. It wasn’t often that they’d have moments like this, so they enjoyed it as much as they could.
The warmth encasing Katherine’s shoulder disappeared as she opened her eyes in confusion to see Jo standing before her. Her hand out beckoning Katherine to take it.
She rolled her eyes as she spoke, amusement in her voice, “really?”
Jo only beamed in response. She bit her lip, smiling, as she slightly tugged Katherine’s hand gesturing towards the fountain in the middle of the park. She rolled her eyes in response but complied, their hands entwined as they walked towards the fountain.
The rain stopped pouring by now, only a soft drizzle remained. Grinning Jo rested her hand on Katherine’s shoulder as the other intwined with her hand. Katherine followed her lead, her free hand landing on Jo’s waist.
Moonlight shone softly upon Katherine’s face, encasing her in a blue glow, she looked like an angel. Jo closed her eyes, resting her forehead on Katherine’s as the rest of the world faded away.
“Jo…” her voice spoke so quietly Jo almost didn’t hear her. Confused, Jo opened her eyes to see Katherine staring back at her.
“What’s wrong?” A tear rolled down Katherine’s face as Jo wiped it away with her thumb, concern written on her face.
“You need to let me go,”
Jo let out a breathy laugh “What do you mean?”
Katherine’s gaze never left Jo’s as she gently held her hands.
She spoke again, her voice barely a whisper, “You know what I mean,”
“No, I don’t understand,” Jo pulled away from Katherine’s grasp. Her hand held her forehead as she stared at the brunette.
“Stop. Stop it you’re scaring me,” Katherine’s face softened as she reached to grasp Jo’s hand.
“You can’t keep doing this to yourself,”
“I’m not doing anything, you’re the one messing around. You’re fine, I’m fine, we’re fine,”
Katherine held Jo’s face as though she would break any moment. She smiled softly, bring Jo’s head to rest against hers.
“It’s time to let go,”
A sob caught in Jo’s throat as she wrenched her eyes shut, refusing to open them and face reality.
“Goodbye Jo…”
And just like that, she was gone. Jo couldn’t speak, she couldn’t scream, couldn’t cry. All she could do was fall to the ground, her hand holding her stomach as she sobbed. She felt like her heart had been ripped out of her chest, and in a way, it had.
Katherine was gone.
And she was never coming back.


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