Wild Side

''Todays the day!'' squealed my mum as she opened my bedroom door, ''todays the day you get your wild side!''
“ Mhm, I mumbled as I yawned and slumped out bed. I paused. Wait! It is?”
Wow oh wow I-I can’t believe it I thought to myself, the day I'll finally get to gallop around like a horse, oohhh or climb the trees as a cute cuddly monkey! My heart raced around as if it were a kid that had too much ice-cream. I calmed myself as my mum smiled and closed the door. I could barely get dressed! My long, dark brown hair gleamed bits of gold when it hit the sun. As I opened my curtains, my dark brown eyes had just adjusted to the bright, warm glow of the light. The rays of sunlight complemented my olive skin as I gleefully pranced to my closet and picked out my nicest outfit. I brushed my messy, scuffed up hair into place while smiling proudly into my long mirror. I was finally ready for school. “Mum!” I yelled in a voice suggesting I was ready, and I wanted to get to school as fast as possible.
''Yes dear?''
“Uhm. Is breakfast ready yet?” I quietly mumbled.
''Yes'' she giggled while signalling me to come sit down on the black leather chairs at our marble table. “I have a treat for you, since you really want to become a horse....'' she carried on ''I made you HAY!'' She placed the plate down eagerly and laughed as if a tsunami had crashed down on our house.
“Gosh! Mum you’re shaking the house!” I smiled and started to laugh, I then gave an unimpressed look and she burst with laughter.
''Ha! Look at your face!
When I finally got some food mum told me to get on her back... same as usual. Poof! My mum had transformed into a..... Camel! as I thought to myself, not the fastest animal but... We'll get there eventually.
* Fifteen minutes later*
“Finally! Were here!”
''Have a great day!'' my mum yelled as I ran all the way to the main hall.
I finally got there. Inside were vast white book-shelfs filling the room. The white walls made the room look huge! There was a long, straight line of kids traveling for miles and miles. The line got shorter and shorter, until it was my best friends turn, Aubrey. She stepped into the miracle circle, and she started to float. Aubrey began to form feathers and her nose became a little bit pointy. She floated to the floor and had become a beautiful hawk. Three more people went until it was my turn. I stepped into the glowing blue circle of light and started to lift into the air I thought to myself ‘yes it’s the day I will become my dream animal.’ There I was, transforming.


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