Her Power Was Unleashed!

There once was a girl that loved to play sports. Her name was Elisha. She had a friend named Max. Max was a professional at Athletics. They both went to the exact same school and they live close by. Elisha travelled far across the glove while Max did a difficult math test.
“Where is Elisha?” asked the teacher.
“I am not quite sure.” Max answered.
“Continue with the test Max,” the teacher demanded. Max continued the test and he got an A+.
“Mum, can we go back home? I miss my friends,” asked Elisha.
“Ok, you can see your friends.” Elisha’s mum said.
After a few days, Elisha made it back home. “You’re back!” Max yelled while giving Elisha a hug.
“We have sports tomorrow and you can win big prizes if you try out.” Max excitedly screamed.
“Ok I will join,” Elisha whispered.
When the bell went for lunch, Max and Elisha got out their sandwiches and started eating. When lunch was over they both had to go home early. “Bye” Max said.
When Elisha got home, she started to read. Once she finished her book. She noticed it was time
for her to go to bed. Instead of going to bed, she went to see her mum. “Hey Mum, can I buy another book of running?” Elisha asked.
“At this time of night? Elisha’s Mum asked.
“Fine, I’ll get 1 next week.” Elisha yawned.
Elisha went to bed and she fell asleep very fast. In the morning, Max and Elisha had to wake up
early for tennis. “That was fun, wasn’t it Elisha,” asked Max.
“I guess so.” Elisha said.
“Time for math.” yelled the teacher.
Max helped Elisha with her math and while they helped each other, the fire alarm went off. After
the fire, the lunch bell went off. When lunch was over it was time for sport. “Let’s do this,” Elisha screamed. Elisha ran as fast as she could and she loved running.
“On your marks, get set, go!” After an hour, Elisha made it to the finish line. She noticed that no one else was there except her. After a few days, at the award ceremony Elisha came 1st and the description on the trophy said ‘Her power was Unleashed.’ “Thank you so much,” Elisha exclaimed.
“That was very well done,” Max yelled.
“Bye Max,” Elisha said.
“Why?” Max asked.
“I’m going to live in New York,”
“Bye then!” Max said sadly.


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