Penguin Problem

On the 18th of august 2018 one penguin is under arrest for assault and battery of a 30-year-old Mark Jefferson.

The penguin bumped into Jefferson at Melbourne Zoo, where they began talking, however the penguin became rather heated when Jefferson tried to feed him. According to eye witness reports the penguin yelled for the man to “come at him” and “show him how a real man eats a sardine. Jefferson pointed out the penguin was in fact not a man but a penguin and that’s when the fight ensued.

Jefferson sat still while the penguin pecked his head, headbutted his arm and hooted in his face. Following its aggressive act, Jefferson attempted to make friends by putting the penguin in his lap and while the penguin showed great restraint in not shoving his beak down Jefferson’s throat, the penguin soon head-butted Jefferson again. The whole debacle may have looked hilarious but the penguin was quite serious, and was relentless in his following attacks. After the Incident the Penguin was Arrested by police officials

On 15th of September 2018 the penguin was brought to court where he pleaded not guilty on all charges. The penguin’s lawyer stated that the penguin was not in his right senses as for three months he was in captivity at the zoo and therefore he could not be responsible for any of the actions he was alleged to have taken. The judge rejected the Penguin's plea, found him guilty and sentenced him to 10 years in prison.

After the Penguin was released from the prison, he was immediately re-arrested for petty theft and assault. And while the penguin waited for his trial, he was being kept in a cell with another prisoner, who coincidentally was Brian Jefferson. The two caught up and after not too much time bonded and that's when the penguin chose to write about it's strange story.

And also when the fight started.


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