War And Dreams

The credits rolled and the two of us finally slumped back, satisfied. “That was good." Kaden sighed.
"Yeah." I replied. "But the books were better."
"What?! No way! The movie's definitely better!!" I shrugged.
"Sure, but I still like the books more. And when I'm older, I'm going to be an author!"
"Then I’ll be an actor! And when your book becomes a movie, I’ll be the main character!”
“You’d better become really famous, ‘cos otherwise you can’t star in my amazing movie!” I grin, and he grins back.
“I’ll be the most famous actor ever!”
“I’ll be the most famous author!”
He offers me a pinky. I look into his eyes. They’re a warm brown as usual. But for a split second- and I could’ve been mistaken, although I don’t think I was- I thought I saw a steely glint in those soft eyes. I smile, and entwine our pinkies. I lean in, and whisper-
“I promise.”
And finally, he smiles.

I shut the door and start writing. My pen flies across the page. I scrutinise my first paragraph. I scribble it out. I start again. The story flows out of the pen. The story pushes to be freed. My hand cramps, but I can’t stop writing. I feel compelled to write it down, like it’ll rot away if I don’t. But suddenly it stops. My mind is blank. I don’t know what happens next. I try to write a sentence, but it doesn’t have the same energy. So I sigh and climb into bed, already missing the euphoric feeling of the words racing onto the page.

I walk down the street, bag bulging. I wish seven year old me could see me now. She’d be breathless, watching me step closer to our dream. In my bag are the sheaves of paper I poured everything into, all my experience from the past years and all my hopes and dreams. As I near the building, I see Kadyn standing in front. He smiles at me. My heart flutters.

But suddenly, there’s a loud crash. My heart jumps and I look around feverently, terrified. Then I see it. Miles above us were military planes. We were under attack. Screams filled the city. I froze. But a second explosion snapped me out of it. I began to panic. My ears were ringing, my throat closing up, vision wavering. I couldn’t see, I couldn’t breathe, I couldn’t feel-

“ALYSSA!!” Kadyn’s voice shattered my panic. “RUN!” I stumble to my feet, but I drop my papers.I reach towards them, but a single flame lands on the pile, and I watch horrified as my life’s work turns to cinders. “Nonononononono….” I whisper. Tears cloud my vision. My dream…Our dream… everything erased in an instant. “Kadyn..” I sob. I turn, looking for him. He’s limping towards me. My voice catches in my throat. An explosion lands too close and the force sends us both tumbling. The air is knocked out of me, and the world goes black.



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