My Biggest Regret

One, Two, Three, Jump!
I held back in fear as I watched him fall onto the sharp rocks bellow. Waves crashed onto the rocks whirling his body around like a blood filled washing machine his screams pierced my ears
"Enough!" He screamed franticly waving his arms about.
"Help me!", I finally gave in and dived down deep into the cold blood filled water. I dragged him up past the sharp rocks and onto the sand, I didn't expect it to go this far maybe a few scratches but, No I was wrong, He was dead. I could never live with the guilt of not saving him, letting him die. My hands shivered as I called the police and told them everything.

"Amy Garcia, You are now sentenced to 10 years in prison for the murder of Mark Holloway." The back my throat stung as I felt hot tears roll down my cheeck. I sank deep into my chair this was my reality.

Prison was a cold and mysterious place, nothing like how they explain it in the movies. It was hell in a box.
I peered through the rusty iron bars as a white light echoed through the eerie corridor. Heavy footsteps brushed along the cold cement, stopping right in front me.
"Now you can feel my pain." The tall shadow said in a deep voice. "Are you. . . Marks dad?" I saw a small grin form from his face
as I slowly stepped back the sound of silence stung my ears for the final seconds I had left almost as If I knew my fate. Bang! Crimson blood poured down my leg like a raging waterfall. I let out a shrilling scream falling to the ground with a thud. I gasped for my last breaths as I sat there alone on the cold concrete floor drowning painfully in my own mess.
My eyes closed slowly as my legs went numb. Muttered voices got closer, but felt yet so far away. Was this the end?

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