Shadows On The Loose

Excellence Award in the 'Summertime Fun ONLINE' competition

The shining, golden sphere known as the sun rose above the jagged mountains. The grey, stormy clouds flew past the village as if something was chasing them. It was the middle of summer but still as cold as ice. A young girl ran through the long grass, which brushed against the side of her legs. The strong wind was blowing her long, black hair into her eyes, she carefully brushed it behind her ears.

Sunlight shone around her, making everything a wonderful green, except for her shadow. Her shadow was a smoky, mysterious green and it was lonely, longing for someone or something to play with. This shadow dreaded being stuck following the girl, it felt alive! This shadow had a mind of its own, it was cunning and unique. The shadow longed to go back to the village where the girl had once lived.

The girl stumbled over. The shadow unfortunately, had to copy. Gradually she got up and headed for the forest. The forest was dark, no light could be seen so she pulled out her torch. “Anna? Imogen?” yelled the girl searching for her friends. Her voice echoed around the rainforest. The forest floor started to make sounds in a series of blows. Questions filled the girls head: Why is the floor talking? What was it talking about and what was she supposed to do? Though instead off saying all that all that she managed was a small whimper.

The girl was terrified. Her entire body was shaking. Suddenly every sound in the rainforest seemed as though someone was whispering, even the birds seemed to be chatting. The vines dangling down seemed as though they were ready to grab her. The trees looked angry and she was certain that there were roots everywhere. The path was getting smaller and more dangerous. How could she escape this nightmare?

As she tried to gather herself, her fears became reality. “Bonjour, it is Imogen, your shadow!” spoke the floor in a strange whispering voice. A speck of wonder appeared between her terror. “This is against science” muttered the girl in disbelief and terror. “I knew you shouldn’t have told her, Imogen.” Announced the second shadow. “I’m sorry about my friend, her name is Elle.” Explained Imogen. “What’s happening?” asked the girl. “You called Imogen’s name and it must have set us free!” cried Elle. The girl stared at the floor, where the voices were coming from, then opened her mouth to speak.

Instead, a voice came from behind them. “Hey Zoey, sorry I’m late. Imogen can’t come! Have you started the science project about shadows?” “Um, I think I might have discovered something but I’m not sure.” Zoey replied “Race you to my place!” shouted Anna. The two girls bolted out of the rainforest and into the long grass. Zoey scanned the area around her. She noticed that Imogen was following her but not entirely copying her every move. This shadow was now free.

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