A Mushrooms Cautionary Tale

Once, there was a small cluster of mushrooms, that lived quietly in a tall wood forest. Unlike all other types of mushrooms, these mushrooms could talk, walk and lived their lives fantastically. For the most part they had happy lives, however there was a dark history which loomed over the cluster.
"Come and gather around my mini Shrooms", said Gaudian Shroomi. "It is time for a mushy story". Shroomi was a Gaudian, that meant he was a protector of the cluster. One of Gaudian Shroomi's jobs was to mind the mini shrooms while their parents worked. All of the mini shrooms loved story time with Gaudian Shroomi.
Before the story starts, one of the mini curious shroom's called out "Gradian Shroomi what will happen if the giants find us?"...."ohhh don't worry about giants, they haven't been seen in years," said Gaudian Shroomi.
"Now my mini shrooms, lets read the mushy story book." "So there was a mushy mushroom...".DING, DING, DING, went the warning bells suddenly, the alarms only went off when giants were coming. "LETS RUN MY MINI SHROOMS" yells Gaudian Shroomi, "Quick, run to the towns central log cabin." "Lock all windows and doors, NOW BUNCH UP TOGETHER AND BE QUIET" Gaudian Shroomi calls out. "What will happen if people find us", whispers a mini shroom, another mini shroom mutters "Haven't been seen in years my fungus!"....THUMP, THUMP, THUMP, can be heard just outside the log cabin. The giant is close, so they all wait quietly. Once the giant moves away, Gaudian Shroomi begins his cautionary tale, "Long ago, I was told the story of the giants. They come once every decade, looking for special mushrooms to use in their meals. I was told that we, the special shrooms, are best of all." "They come in the spring, looking for us, and if you're not quick, they'll grab you up and put you in a bucket....never to be seen again." "Now my mini shroom's, it sounds like the giant has left. Time to head home....umm if your parents haven't been picked up in a bucket." Gaudian Shroomi states.


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