15 Years

5 Years-
“What have I done wrong?” The young boy cried on the cold bathroom floor as his pet goldfish went down the toilet drain.
“Goldie was a pet, she was meant to stay here in her fish tank, Kiddo.”
“I’m sorry daddy, I thought she’d feel better in a more open area.”
“I know Buddy, don’t worry.” Damian’s father said, while getting down on one knee.
Damian threw himself into his father’s arms for a warm hug. His hugs with his dad were always comforting, no matter what the boy had gone through, one hug with his dad made his broken world become glued back together.

8 Years-
“Give it back, Marcus!” Damian shouted.
He leaped at his younger brother as they tumbled along the floor, trying to grab an action figure from between his hands.
“It’s mine! Why do you always do this!” He yelled, and pinned his little brother on the floor.
“Get off me! You said I could play with it!” Marcus said, on the verge of tears.
Damian ripped the toy out of his brother’s grip, then rolled off of him. Marcus sat up, his arms crossed, eyes red and watery. All emotion went away as both boys jumped in fright. The sound of arguing and bagging came form the kitchen in the next room. They were fighting again.
“Why do you always do this!” A women’s voice shouted from the other room.
Damian wrapped his arm around Marcus and covered his ears.

10 Years
“Hey Kiddo, I’m sorry to say this, but your mother and I will be living in different houses. We’re getting a divorce.” Damian’s father attempted to say calmly, without his voice breaking.
He sat on the edge of his son’s small bed and placed his hand on Damian’s knee. He took a deep breath and tried making eye contact.
“You will be living with your mother, and Marcus will be living with me. I’m sorry to say this but the decision is final.” His voice broke.
The boy sat up in his bed, a single tear fell from his left eye. He leaned on his father’s shoulder then bawled his eyes out. Water also streamed from his father’s face.
“Start packing Kiddo. I promise we can see each other everything weekend.”

13 Years
“How can you say that? You don’t even know my life!”
“I’m your mother! I gave you life! I spent my life looking after you, so if I need money, I have the right to take some of yours, or better said, mine for you to pay back!”
“That’s my money! I worked for that! I work for money because I need it! I’m 13 and paying for my own school, I have to work two jobs!”
“Oh, I called your bosses and got you fired. You have nothing. Only nothing.”
She slammed Damian’s door shut.

15 Years-
“What have I done wrong?” The boy cried on the rough concrete as the house lit like the sun.



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