I Find Peace In The Rain

It always begins on the days you least expect it.

“Make the payment on 31st Williams Street and then make your way back here immediately before any trouble starts. Understood?” our boss Tony says in a rigid tone.
“Yes sir.” Alyssa and I say in sync.

For our job, we aren’t allowed to know any information, we do as we’re told. I grab the keys to a shiny black Mercedes that belongs to Tony and jog up to the car. We jump in and Alyssa plays our favourite song to drive to - Strawberry Skies by Kid Travis. This song will forever hold memories of the day we met and the days we got closer and closer. I drive recklessly with Alyssa yelling the lyrics to the song. Windows down, the wind and light rain blowing in our faces, we slowly come to a stop as we approach the location. Two heavy men stood on the corner of the street, one hand holding the envelope of cash and the other clutching on to Alyssa’s hand to keep her close.

“Cash?” a raspy voice croaks as we approach the men.
“This is all of it.” I hand it to him and turn to start walking back to the car.
“Wait. We didn’t count it yet.” the man’s threatening voice deepens with the sound of the reload mechanism of a gun echoing through the quiet street. Stopping in our tracks, we wait as they count.

“This is $15,000 short.”
“Take it up with Tony, we’re just for the delivery,” I reply.
“Too bad” he grunts and the ringing sound of a bullet being fired pierces my ears.

The rain pattered heavily on the concrete floor as thunder rumbled above. Scrambling to my feet, I yelled for Alyssa.
“Alyssa. Alyssa!”
I spot her laying on the ground, clenching the side of her stomach. Quickly, I ran to her.
“Alyssa, look at me.” I tell her, my hands on her face.
She attempts to say something but stops and coughs uncontrollably, spitting blood with each cough. She held her hand to the bullet wounds that went deep into her abdomen. Blood gushes through her fingers and forms a dark red pool under her.
“Oh, it's raining.” Alyssa finally manages to say.
She smiles weakly and puts her hand on my cheek, staining it with her blood.
“You know, I always did find peace in the rain.” she whispers.
“Alyssa. Alyssa, no! Hey, look at me.” I shake her as she starts to fade out of consciousness.
Her hand falls to her side and with a weak smile, her breathing slows to a stop.
“NO! No, no, no!” I sob, holding onto her lifeless body, "I can't do this without you."

This is where my villain story begins.


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