The Creepy Cave

It was a beautiful, warm morning and Zoe and Anna were helping their mum with the gardening. They were planting bright, red roses and pretty, purple pansies.Their matching pink dresses were covered in thick, gooey mud and their brand new shoes were dirty.They could hear the sounds of chirping birds and leaves rustling in the wind.The two girls ran over to their mum to get more seeds when they heard a strange noise.

Swoosh! They suddenly felt like they were being stretched like a rubberband, and were surrounded by darkness.The two girls were twisting and turning.Their heads were spinning as they rushed through the black hole.With a huge thump, they landed in a mysterious, murky cave! The girls were petrified.Their legs trembled with fear and their hearts pounded.

Suddenly rocks began falling from the roof of the cave.The two girls ran as fast as cheetahs through the darkness until a loud shriek echoed through the cave. Anna looked behind her and noticed Zoe was stuck in the rocks! She bolted over and tried to help Zoe break free.

Zoe twisted and turned as she attempted to free herself from the pointy rocks. Finally Anna seized Zoe’s arm and pulled her free! The girls continued to creep through the cave when they heard a strange rumbling noise.Turning around they saw a bright, red dragon towering over them.The girls screamed in fear and the huge dragon started chasing them! Before they knew it they were wrapped up in its spiky tail, swaying from side to side like they were on a giant swing.

The dragon ran at the speed of light through the gloomy cave.The girls held on tight and began to feel hotter and hotter.They felt themselves falling through the air expecting to land with a huge thud, but instead they landed on a soft pile of feathers.Six shining green eyes stared down at them. Hiding in the corner they noticed two stunning eyes, as blue as the sky. One of the creatures with green eyes let out a huge burp and with it came a huge stream of burning, red fire. In the light of the fire the girls could see three hungry baby dragons. Then they remembered the beautiful blue eyes, and in the corner was a scrawny little baby dragon.

Anna said to Zoe “what should we do?”. Zoe replied, “let’s try tickling them!” The girls started tickling the baby dragons, but they became angry and started breathing boiling jets of magma. Anna and Zoe started to run not realising they were moving toward the corner where the blue eyed dragon was sitting.Once they realised, they froze not wanting to go any closer to it.All of a sudden the scrawny dragon whisked the girls onto its back and flew away!They went up through a small hole in the roof of the cave and in no time they were safely back home in their garden.They were so relieved they told their mum everything and decided to keep the baby dragon as a pet!

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