The Verdict

“Has the Jury come to a decision?”
The judge bangs his gavel on his polished wooden desk, the loud sound waking me up out of my stupor. I wipe my eyes blearily. There is really no point to life anymore. Everybody knows who committed the crimes because I confessed. I sigh and shoot a look towards my lawyer, she sits back rigid, staring forward. She refuses to believe that we have lost but she has to know in her heart of hearts that I'm a lost cause.

“The jury has come to a decision, Your Honour.” A representative of the jury stands and walks to the front of the courtroom. A small drop of hope ignites me and I raise my head slightly, my eyes following the person that holds my entire fate in their hands. She clears her throat and turns toward the judge.
“We find the defendant guilty, Your Honour.”
Even though I’d known my heart drops into my stomach.
The judge bangs his gavel onto his desk and calls silence to the room.
“In light of the jury’s decision, I sentence the defendant to a death sentence, to be held at dusk on the 12th this coming Monday.”
My head falls onto my arms and tears seep out of my eyes. A comforting arm slings around my shoulder as I look up to see my defence attorney through blurred eyes.

Before I’d had time to properly break down, the court doors slammed open and in walked the most hippie, unorganised person you’ve ever seen then times it by 10. She walks down the aisle pulling from her binder a huge piece of paper. She speaks to the room at large
“Um.. Hi everyone. Nice to meet you all. So sorry to interrupt you all like this, however you have just wrongly convicted my friend here and I can’t have that.“ She winks in my direction and waves the paper in her hand haphazardly around her head, before placing it onto the desk in front of the judge and sliding it across. She then turns to face the rest of the room with an easy smile on her face like she’s met a friend at the market.
“ I’m sure you're all very confused about what’s happening right now. However, I need to borrow my friend here for a sec.”
Before anyone can blink she has my hands out of my handcuffs and is pulling me up the aisle.
"Run” she whispers in my ear and I half jog half stumble out of the courtroom.
She pulls the door closed and turns her head to face me. The slight smile back on her face “Can’t have you dying, you're too important for everyone's survival.”

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