Reawakened Flames

Grabbing a woolen blanket, Avalyn placed it over her mother, giving her a small kiss on the forehead; turning off the music record and lamp she whispered, “Goodnight mum,”.

“AVA? AVALYN?” Her mother yelled through the house. She scrambled up to her room and ripped the sheets off her daughter. Eyes open wide Avalyn shot up.
“What is it?!” Avalyn asked panicked looking into her mother’s worried eyes and flushed cheeks. “W-we need to go. NOW,” her mother said as she frantically pulled her downstairs and grabbed some bags and their coats. Avalyn had no clue what was going on till she saw what was going on outside….
She stepped out her front door wrapped in her coat, hearing the screams, the cries, the horse’s yells. She froze; the once beautiful town Kallen was engulfed in burning flames. Her feet wouldn’t move but her head was yelling at her to run; the raging flames could be seen in the reflection of her teary eyes.
“N-no this can’t be happening again,” Avalyn muttered. She didn’t always have a quiet life as now, but it took it all away. Avalyn used to live in more pristine town, most of these people did.

She was always told legends and stories, but one had always caught her attention. The one about the Chimera, how it’s a horrible monster which is being contained. When she was little one night fear had stuck her. The Chimera was loose, it had killed Avalyn’s sister and father, right in front of her. The memories have haunted her ever since, now it’s all coming back.
End of flashback~

The Chimera. A fire breathing monster, that has the head of a lion, body of a goat and tail of a serpent. Took the lives of her father and little sister; it’s ruthless, all it craves is destruction. The old folk say, if you ever encounter this monster, don’t run, don’t scream, don’t fight. Your fate is sealed.

Stumbling back against the wall, her mind was racing. Images recall in her head of the legend of the winged beast, then the chimera let out an ear-piercing raw. Her eyes widen as she snapped back into reality; realizing that she was really seeing the monster that destroyed her home. It spread Its dragon like wings and quickly flew from the mountain to the center of town, blowing its enraged flames onto the already burning building. Avalyn’s lips pursed throat to dry too speak, eyes wide, no time to think she stumbled forward and began running. Her legs ached but she had to keep going to the outskirts of the town. Reaching a burnt tree, she felt limp across the ground, her eyes blurry and beath shaky.

“AVA!” her mother screamed, but she was too far gone. Darkness had already overtaken her.

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