A Budgie's Dream

One day a colourful budgie named Piña was listening to a smooth piano playing. As she watched her owners play, she felt like she was up in the sky lying on a cloud.
“I’m so relaxed,” she mumbled as she bounced around her cage. Piña felt the wind beneath her wings and wished she was soaring through the sky. Suddenly she heard loud barking. She was terrified when she saw the face of a big dog squished against her cage. It was Ava! Piña started squawking and flapping around everywhere.
Later, when the dog had left, Piña finally went to sleep. She was all comfortable when she suddenly fell off her perch head first. Luckily, she just kept sleeping. She dreamed of herself tap dancing on a computer as Noisy Miner birds watched. She also dreamed she got a new type of bird seed that she had wanted for Christmas! She loved that dream so much. But she suddenly dreamed that she was wearing a white dress and walking towards another budgie. When she got to the other budgie, he put a seed ring on her wing feathers. She finally realised that she was getting married! She put a seed ring on him too. They pecked. She noticed that in the crowd the same Noisy Miners from her other dream were watching. But she was distracted when she heard barking. It was Ava again! She woke up startled as she flew back to her perch. When she was safely up on her perch, she noticed a seed ring and tap dancing shoes. All confused, Piña fell back asleep. But she fell off her perch again!



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