The Transience Of Friends

Excellence Award in the 'Summertime Fun ONLINE' competition

My shining bright angel with peace so right,
And unlike those of biblical times, I was blind to the need for trepidation.
Just as promptly as you had come you departed without sorrow or bitterness,
As sweet as honey but drove a ruthless sting into my dejected heart,
The sweltering flames of your duplicity charred my sympathy for humanity,
Smoke blinds those who look to the past without misery and agony,
Like the gentle waves that glides delicately up the sandy beach,
Recipients of love retreat after the brief taste of friendship offered,
Those strong ships that slice through the waves of memories,
Not regretfully moving along past my sturdy and peaceful dock,
They arrived as a rescuing sunrise, saving my heart from despair,
Then as the cherished memories carried them on they left as a sunset,
Loved ones built those sandcastles for me to shelter from reality,
But crushing waves of betrayal washed away the protection they provided,
The time we spent together has never been forgotten for it is like an echo,
It rebounded back to remind me of the mistakes that have grown my resilience.


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