The Richest Unicorn Of The Land

The morning breeze goes by as I yawn peacefully and put on my Gucci robe. I strut to my golden teeth and put them in. Hi, my names Zed and you’re probably wondering how can me, a beautiful creature be rich and you’re not, well it wasn’t always like this.

It all started with me being a normal unicorn who lived in a small apartment and was going for a morning stroll on a hot unicorn day. As I was trotting throw the village at my feet, I saw a green, spotty…. frog? The frog confidently said ‘’I am a princess,’’ that’s hard to believe I thought. She continued ‘’If you kiss me, I will turn into that princess but....’’ what I heard was enough, so I quickly grabbed her and kissed her. A purple cloud suddenly surrounded her, and she turned into a beautiful princess with a pink dress, glass earrings and a ruby red crown. I stare at the princess and her face looks disappointed, I say ‘’What’s wrong?’’ she explains ‘’But, you will go broke,’’. ‘’WHAT!’’ I yell, I start panicking and run-in circles.

She claps her hands twice and I appear in my apartment. With a hurry, two goblins with blue suits and hats start taking my furniture. They take my couch table, bed and more. They leave and I sob, until my day can’t get any worse. DING DONG!!! I trudge to the door, the door creeks open and I see a letter with a big red evicted stamp on it. I must admit I’m doomed and kicked out of my apartment. I grabbed my suitcase full of air and I walked out the door with a tear rolling down my cheek.

I found the comfiest place I could to sit. I watched the giants, fairy’s, dragons, and goblins walk by with their nice handbags, perfect hair, and shiny scales. Then I look back at me with ruffled fur and dirty hoofs. I could taste the thick air around me and smell gas from the cars. Hearing important phone calls from the rich people it made me feel a big lump of regret in my stomach. Touching hard cold floor made me forget about the lump of regret a little bit.

Then suddenly pink sparkles appear out of nowhere and flew into my eyes. A fairy God Mother appears. Her wings buzz like a bee and her star wand flashes like the moon on a dark night. She says to me ‘’I have heard your cry poor gullible unicorn, and I am here to help''. ''I’ll snap my fingers and you will be the richest unicorn of the land,’’.

The buzzing God Mother snaps her fingers and I appear in a skyscraper high in the sky with golden items and money, lots of it. That’s how it all happened kids and the moral of the story is don’t kiss a frog that can talk on a path.

The End.

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