One Friday morning a girl named Millie was watching FREAKY FRIDAY just before school. She quickly got her bag and got dressed but then She collected the wrong book called goosebumps And when she got to school she always read a book before class then she read it and in that book it said. “If you ever read this book and tell your friend about it you will have a spell called FREAKY FRIDAY and it only happens on a Friday and I tell you what you will be a FREAKY FRIDAY person…

Now when the bell rang she told her BFF than her first class a hand that belongs to the book kept on distracting her then she screamed so loudly even space could nearly hear her than the teacher told her to go to the principal’s office Because screaming is never aloud than in the office a ghost appeared start at her eyes she couldn’t scream she had to think of another idea, then while all was quiet she sneaked into the bathroom and put water on her eyes but than she looked like a ghost but she was not a ghost is was just the spell…To Be Continued.

Then her last class just before lunch was science she loves science and then she tried to make a poison to get back to normal but than a zombie was in the water she felt so sick her face turned green the teacher saw and sent her up to sick bay but the bucket was full and she had more coming but instead it was the other side on her bottom she need to do her number 2 then it was lunch she was feeling way better and at lunch nothing happened but no one would sit next to her she was so MAD she just wanted to punch and kick but…

When she had mass a monster was in her head the whole time so she could not think then she ripped up her mass book and told the teacher what was going on then the teacher was very pleased to hear that but then she replied. “NO THAT IS NOT A REAL THING YOU LIAR LIAR PANTS ON FIRE if you can prove it I will believe you but if you don’t I will not believe you wahahaha and I always thought you were normal but you are one of those special kids get away from me and everyone else included your mum go sit at the back OR ELSE…!

It was only a half day so than everyone went home but when Millie got home she started watching FREAKY FRIDAY and than someone went to the toilet and had the runs then she did, She also had a FREAKY FRIDAY kids I tell you her mum said then she kept on watching it all day and all night didn’t even sleep like the show kids love shows her mum said.

The End.


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