Vinvi's Adventure

Boom! A dragon is attacking the village. Everyone is going out of the village. The knights were checking if everyone was out when they came across a little girl. She was so, so scared. The knight asked, "What is wrong?"
"I hurt my ankle."
"What is your name?" the knight asked.
"It's Vinvi."
"Vinvi, where are your parents?"
"I don't know," said Vinvi.

Vinvi wanted to help save the village, but the knights told her that she could not save the village on her own. She proved them wrong. She was so strong, she could even get up on her two feet. She was looking for buckets when she saw the dragon. She ran inside, got the buckets of water and ran out.
"The village is on fire!"
So, she filled the buckets with water and threw it on every flame until all the flames were extinguished. She was so tired, she fell asleep on the spot. A few hours later, she was in her bed with her parents beside her.

She guessed the dragon went away and everyone in the village threw a surprise party about how girls can do the same amount as what boys can do, or even more.

She was feeling good to have proven those knights wrong.

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