Dimension Of Darkness

The holy wind danced across my helpless body as it slowly descends to the withered ground. The deformed body vanished into the dry, serrated grass. One of the most inadequate senses of movement I would have left the world for eternity. I was foredoomed!
This ponderously abnormal event commenced while intercepting rumours that flooded the school in a matter of only 10 seconds, like an inland taipan. People have spread rumours about an article of a man going missing mysteriously. Knowing me I ought to interrupt. They harshly told me to back off, so I feigned to walk away sadly, but as soon as they started the mysterious goosing I went back soundlessly. They gossiped about the ruler of darkness Blagdon! Something stroked me and I was frozen solid. Simultaneously, a strong gust of wind pushed me into a circular hole that gyrates. As soon as I realised I’ve been thrusted by the wind I fell unconscious. The wind felt like human.
As I woke up, I felt intense tightening around my soft, silky wrists. I was being held captive. Bewildered I looked around trying to discover exactly what this place is. The dimension of darkness. A.K.A. Blagdon’s lair and soul prison! For a split second I was senseless, then I envisioned I had a paperclip. I shoved it out of my pocket and undid the paperclip so I could pick the lock. I tumbled into the crispy arms of Blagdon!
His purple eyes filled with fury, mouth as foul as an angry neighbour. He was going to drop me into the pit of doom! I threw the first punch at him, but I had a feeling of extreme regret. I jumped out of his filthy sin ridden hands. Again, I hit him with all my might, but he stopped it fearlessly. He mysteriously vanished and that is when I realised, I was standing an inch behind the mythical pit of eternal doom!
That’s when he threw a familiar smirk. It was my father! I had to save the world, but I can’t push my very own father into the hole of eternal doom! That’s when I had a horrible vision. I saw my father saying I’m a disgrace and when he laughed at me because I got bullied. I lost it. It felt like the power raising from all the dimensions. I pushed him violently. He was gone. I fell into the withered ground. I was back home at Earth bruised and scarred.
As I woke up, I realised I was in hospital. Everyone knew what happened, the portal showed it. I was credited for being a hero since I let the souls escape. Now I’m not known as the nerdy, defenceless creature I once was, I’m now strong, resilient and a brave hero who saved the world from a cruel spirit.


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