Once in a land where it never rained, never was stormy, never snowed and never clouded over, a girl called Rain had a mysterious thought, “where does water come from?” When her parents came into say goodnight she asked them. Her mum said she didn’t know. She asked her dad but he didn’t know either. Later that night she had a dream about the white fluffy clouds turning into grey, black, grumpy looking clouds and water coming out of the sky. The next day while she was having breakfast, she told her parents about her dream, “Hey mum, hey dad, I had a dream last night about this thing but I don’t know what it’s called but it was like all the clouds turned grey and black and water started falling out of the sky.”
Her parents were confused. Later that morning when she was at school she told her friends exactly what she told her mum and dad but they didn’t believe her because that stuff never happened. Rain was annoyed at her friends for not believing her. They went to class together and sat at their usual tables but someone else was sitting in Rain’s seat. It was Stellar the school meany. She was the meanest girl you could ever meet. “Oh hi Rain” she said with a harsh tone.
Rain walked away because who wants to be caught up in a mess with the biggest school meany when you aren’t feeling happy, she would just make your life more miserable. Rain went to sit by the window. When everybody was settled in their seats their teacher Ms Storm came into the room. She looked a bit baffled, her hair was a little messy and her clothes had a stain on them but you could hardly see it her clothes were so dark. Stellar let out a rude snort “even I look better than that and i’m only twelve” she whispered to herself.
“Good morning everyone” Ms Storm said with a bit of a crackly voice. She cleared her throat. “Shall we try this again, good morning everyone!”
“Good morning Ms- wait, that's what I dreamed about, I told you it was real!!”I exclaimed.
Everybody looked out the window, mouths wide and people confused.
Ms Storm came over “what in the world, you dreamed about this Rain?“ she asked me. I
nodded. “Wow ”everybody exclaimed. Then there was a crack in the sky. There was also a bang and something rumbled.
“This is what I dreamed about!” Exclaimed Ms Storm. From then on it wasn’t the town where the weather was always perfect but it was usually perfect. From that day onwards they called the water falling out of the sky, Rain after Rain because she was the one who dreamed about it and called the crack that goes through the sky and also the rumbling a storm after Ms Storm because she was the one who dreamed about it.


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