Floating Island

I stared up into the sky peering at something that appeared to be a floating land mass. Particles of dirt descended from this region which lived in the sky. I sprinted to my mum to show her this rare occurrence. I grabbed her arm and dragged it to the forest in front of my house. I instructed her to look up, she raised her head, aiming her eyes around attempting to see the same thing as me. As soon as she took a glance of the island, her mouth gaped open
“What now?” we both said in unison.
“Climb it?” I questioned while looking at the frayed, old ladder which swayed from side to side.
“No, it’s too dangerous” she instantly replied. “What if the ladder breaks? What if you lose grip? What if you get tangled? What if-“
“Ok, geez, I won’t,” getting sick of her questions. I cut her off and changed the topic, “So, mum, what are we going to eat for dinner?”
As we walked back into the house talking about dinner, I peered back at the island not knowing what to do next.
The next day, I ran outside checking if the island was still there, it was still gone. I dashed underneath where it was just yesterday and kicked around in despair. I was really mad. I went to tell my mum.
“Mum! Mum! The floating land from yesterday is gone!” I exclaimed. “It’s gone! It’s gone!”
“Floating? Island?” She was dumbfounded.
“We both saw it!” I said in trying to explain, “The thing in the air? With a ladder coming down?”
“Did you hit your head this morning?”
‘Did she forget about it?’ I thought to myself.
Something was going on, I had a strong feeling. I was eager to know what was happening.
At the same time I saw the island yesterday, I went there again in search of it. I looked up into the blue abyss above and there it was; the massive island. I sprinted to the bottom of the ladder and was curious to know what was up there. Not knowing I would regret this, I climbed up the ladder. It shook. I ascended my arm up and grabbed onto the next rung as my skinny arms trembled with fear. It better be worth it.
Minutes later, I was about halfway done and was exhausted. My hands started to sweat and it was getting harder by the second. I looked down seeing how far I’d come, I knew I couldn’t head back now. I pulled myself up with all my might. I had a strong feeling I’d make it.
“Nothing could go wrong,” I said to myself feeling confident. Little did I know, everything was about to go wrong. ‘Snap!’ The ladder was breaking. ‘Snap! Snap!’ Strands were slowly falling apart. I was terrified.
‘Was I going to make it alive?’ I questioned myself…



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