Whatever Our Souls Are Made Of

2 Months Earlier

“Get me out of this stupid car!” I yell at my soon-to-be ex-fiance. The doors were locked.
“Can we just talk about this Aspen? It was a mistake!” He tried to plead his case, but I was tired of his excuses. I could feel my heart beating with rage.
“A mistake? Are you kidding me?! You killed my cat in a fire! And what? Are you saying it’s a coincidence that the door was locked so he couldn’t get out?” I question him.
“Answer me Dylan!” I yell. He turns to me, and blinks. A blank stare. I cry out in pain, feeling the hot tears flow.
“Dylan watch out!!!!” I yell, but it’s too late. The truck rams into us, sending our car flying over the edge of the road and down the hill as it rolls. At this point, I don't care if I die, because I already feel dead inside. The one thing in my life that matters is gone.
It's a miracle that this is happening, you know. One less sociopath would do this world some good.
The car lands on a boulder, the glass windows shattered. The car dented. I hit my head on the dashboard, the seatbelt tightly wrapped around my neck. I close my eyes, knowing this is the first time I wouldn’t wake up again.

Last Night

I run down the lush grass fields, hand in hand with the most beautiful person in the world. His green eyes sparkled as he grinned at me, My blonde hair blows in the wind as we ran down the hill. My hazel eyes meeting his. We lie down together, breathless.
“I love you.”
“I love you too.” I kiss him on the cheek and stand up, brushing off my fluffy lavender dress.
“Whatever our souls are made of..” He starts.
“His and mine are the same” I beam as we quote our favourite author.
I skip away, with delight still smiling, ready to repeat it all tomorrow.

Present Day.

“You have just awoken from your coma. You had a serious car accident. We found you and a man called Dylan Carter in your car. He was your fiancé. He died in the car crash.”
I closed my eyes, letting the words sink in. I didn’t remember him at all.

“And we have good news and bad news. The good news is you only sustained minor physical injuries. The bad news is… you lost your memory, and it could take months to get back.”
I looked into the doctor’s eyes and realised that he was the man I have been seeing in my dreams. Constantly. The dark brown hair, the green eyes, and the tiny dimples in his cheeks. Every little detail about him, I have witnessed already.
“Whatever our souls are made of..” He started
“His and mine are the same” I finished, my eyes widening as I looked up at him.
He smiled. “I had a feeling it was you.”



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