Flying Foxman

Chapter 1

Hi, my name is Ranjan Singh, this is my story. I was born on the 5th of April 2022 in Delhi but moved to Queens, New York 15 years later. My dad had sadly passed away, due to suffering from respiratory failure because he used to smoke a lot in college, and I have been living with my mum Preeti since then. Childhood was struggling because my dad was not with me and my mum.

When I started elementary school, I had trouble making friends because, on my first day this bully called Ricky Suborn had come up to me and knocked my bag down on purpose, and said, “sup shortie.” So, I told him the story of my dad’s college life and how he beat up a bully Amit during a soccer match because My dad got punched to the ground by him. Then the bully asked, “well why are you telling me this?” I responded, “well it’s just I’m going to do the exact same thing to you.” Then without saying anything else I grabbed Ricky’s collar and punched him in the face eight times, then kicked him in the chest to the ground. When he got to his feet, he promised not to bully me or anyone else ever again. The downside of the event was that word got around about me for having a mental problem of erupting into a rage over unimportant things, and since then no one talks to me. Another reason I am not fitting in is while the boys wanted to do sports I wanted to study, to top it all when I went into high school things got worse but there was a bright light to all of this.

It was Monday morning at 7:30 am I came to my locker got my stuff and the new laptop that I got for Christmas last year and head off to Homeroom, then at the end of the day, my science teacher Mr. Jeff said that the next day my whole science class was going on a field trip to a manufacturing facility that makes cars.

I was excited when I went to the bus stop, I saw this beautiful woman her name was Crystal Wilsons. I was looking at her for so long that I didn’t see the bus was starting to leave, luckily I saw it as soon as it was pulling out of the bus stop which I ran after, the driver noticed and stopped the bus long enough for me to get on and at about 8:00 the bus stopped and everyone got off.
At the facility, the engineers there were at different sections each doing one stage of constructing cars. While I was busy taking photos of the 3D models, one engineer came up to me and cleared her throat, “I am in charge of taking school pictures on field trips or at any non-school events for School yearbooks”, I responded.

To be continued


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