The Imaginary Pizza House

One day, Hugo strolled along the path with his pet dog Shrivels. Hugo was a bit tall and a bit short and a bit blind and a bit dumb. Shrivels was a very tiny dog and was often very shy and scared. When Hugo got home, he ate his dinner and went to bed.

Surprisingly Hugo woke up in the midnight and heard sounds coming from outside, so he went outside to investigate with Shrivels. After a while of searching, Hugo found a very large pizza house. He went inside, but then the door locked itself! Shrivels was so angry, he jumped on the floor and started barking at the door! An announcement from a speaker inside the pizza house “you have one obstacle to complete to win a magic pizza.” Huge wondered the magic pizza and the obstacle that he has to complete. It was the Monkeybars challenge! Huge loves play on the Monkeybars, but he still kept face planting on the ground. He never gave up and tried again and again.

Hugo finally made it through! He then went back home with his well-earned magic pizza!


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