Wisteria Carrow

Excellence Award in the 'Summertime Fun ONLINE' competition

In an extra black night, someone was painting but this was not an ordinary someone, this was the magical witch, Wisteria Carrow. If she wanted gold she could paint it and she would put her hand in and take it.

After a few years, she became lonely and wanted some friends. It took her almost one day to finish her painting of a boy, but eventually the painting of her boy was finished. His eyes opened and he walked out of the picture and said, “Hello”.

“Hi” said the witch, “I created you and you are my friend”.

And the boy said, “OK friend”. “What would you like to do?” asked the boy.

Wisteria looked at the boy longingly and suggested, “Perhaps we could go to the movies together.”

“Which one?” the boy asked.

“Maybe Sonic 2, but there is no need to go to the cinema, I can just paint a TV and some salted popcorn and of course some drinks to wash it all down” said the witch.

So the witch started to paint and in no time there was a TV all ready to go, as she was an excellent painter. However, once the movie started, the strangest thing happened. The boy floated through the air, spun really fast, and got sucked into the TV at the speed of light. The witch was really worried about the boy, knowing that he was her only friend and she didn’t want anything to happen to him.

When she looked at the TV screen she was delighted to see that the boy was there and all OK! To her surprise the boy replaced the main character, Sonic! It was amazing to think that the boy was actually in a movie. She realised she could create any character she wanted to and add it to a movie.

The witch worked for hours and hours and finally she made her own movie with her own characters. She also invented a tool that could zap characters out of a movie and exist in real life. She could make the most amazing films ever created and had never been so happy in her life.

Her movies became popular and she became the most famous movie creator in history.



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